How to Wash Your Latex Pillows?

If you want to oil your hair and leave overnight, then think about it again. The oil from your hair will wet the pillow and it will be a big hassle next morning. Keeping the bedsheet and pillow cover clean is really a task for many households. With small children, it is even harder to maintain neat bedsheet and pillow covers. If you are facing the same issue, then you have reached the right article. We will guide you how to wash your Latex pillows easily at home:

If you ask the retailers, they would never recommend machine wash for your latex pillow. It is because the organic materials used in the manufacturing of pillows will be torn away. Thus, it is always better to go for a hand wash:

STEP 1: First of all, remove the cover of the pillow so the core side of the pillow could be seen. The pillow cases can easily be washed along with the pillow to save time, energy and water. If there is any stain on the pillow, make sure to wash and clean that in the start.

STEP 2: If you plan to wash the pillow and pillow cover in the bath tub, then make sure you first fill water in the tub. If you don’t have a bath tub, then make sure the selected space is big enough that the pillow could be arranged on that easily. Use very hot water for washing and pillow needs to be put inside for some time so all bacteria, moulds and germs are removed.

STEP 3: Use the standard detergent which you use for washing other clothes as well. Keep in mind, you need not buy any special detergent to wash your pillow, the normal one serves the purpose. Pour around 1 tablespoon of the detergent in the hot water and mix gently. Form the bubble in the water.

STEP 4: The pillow then be soared in the bubble water. Then gently press the pillow inside the water so it absorbs the water inside. Once some quantity of water goes inside, gently rub the pillow to remove dirt from the surface. This way the soap reaches all sides of the pillow and cleans it properly. You can also wear gloves to avoid any allergy reaction to hands, also it is hard to wash in hot water.

STEP 5: When the pillow is clean, then remove the pillow from the water and gently squeeze the water out of it. Keep the pillow in a large basin and pour fresh water so all the dirt is removed and clean water flows all around. Make sure there is no soap left on the sides of the pillow, thus repeat the process unless the water gets clear and all soap is removed.

STEP 6: Finally squeeze the excess water from the pillow and make sure entire excess water is removed. When you press the pillow, do it gently so the inner of the pillow is not damaged.

STEP 7: Dry the pillow by putting under the sun or any dry place, Pillow may take longer in getting dried completely. It is recommended not to use the pillow until it is completely dried, so it remains free of any wrinkles and twisting.

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The process states above are very easy and can be carried out at any time at home. You can also avail the dry clean facility available in the Singapore market but it is always better to do it at home by following all procedure as shared above. Keeping your bed and pillow clean is vital for keeping your room clean.

Author: Calvin Burns