5 Reasons Why You Need a Cloud-Connected Smart Notebook

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While the advent of laptops and other electronic gadgets entailed several high-quality styluses, for some traditional pen and paper system is still the best. But these people also feel the need for digitizing due to mounting pressure in the corporate work environment.

84% of Singaporeans feel the pressure of digitization in their workplaces and a smart notebook comes as a great relief to them to help cloud-based collaborations. Getting a smart notebook bridges the gap of partly digital and partly analog and being a combination of old and new. It is a hybrid product and makes it easier for product adoption by even older users. These are perfect for people who like old fashioned writing but wish that their jottings, scribbling, and sketches stay safe in an online cloud and easily accessible.  

Things to check

The first thing to check while shopping for a rocket notebook is how it works. Some smart notepads require special pens. Plenty of these notebooks allow erasing the writings on the pages and reusing them.

Some of these notebooks are larger than the others. You may be planning to bring it to a business meeting, or seminar, or a class. You must pick one that suits your needs. These notebooks also synchronize with mobile apps for storing the information in digital files. So, one should check its compatibility with the favorite cloud systems.

Things you can do with a smart notebook

The great thing about these smart notebooks is that the it adapts to how you take notes and put them into your cloud storage stratosphere. You can do the following with a rocket notebook with flip systems.

1. Create and Plan for your Lecture or Presentation

This is rejoicing for the busy and hopping executives. Creating a lecture is easy with these notebooks. You can use the dot grid pattern mapping out flow charts, problems, and diagrams. You can also use the lined page for writing and save them in the cloud system for reusing as long and as many times you wish.

2. Use it for Brainstorming Sessions

One can take note of what others, in the meeting, said and the questions that came up. One can also create designs, new ideas, and action plans to take the team ahead in the brainstorming session.

3. Write a Screenplay or Script

The writers, directors, and others engaged in the movie business can create a screenplay using these notebooks. The dot gird designs on the pages are perfect for that. One can always check out and, if things are not according to the vision, it can be erased and started again.

4. Takes Notes in a Business Meeting

Noting the main points of a business meeting is extremely vital. Sometimes, you may also have to note a diagram. The dot grid design makes this possible. One can also insert explanatory notes into the sketch with the help of the lines. Students can also use this for their classes.

5. Use it as a Daily or Monthly Planner

One can also use these notebooks for making a things-to-do list, or a fitness journal. As these can be erased you can easily make changes and also use them for many times. Other than using as your daily calendar, you can also use these notebooks to try your drawing skills.

If you’re ready to look for a cloud-connected smart notebook, visit any registered Kickstarter store online or visit the official store.

Author: Calvin Burns