Green Building Practices

HOW Green (environmentally preferable) is MNC?

1. 30% recycled fly ash concrete drive
2. Zero waste cellulose blown in insulation
3. Tankless instant / on-demand hot water heating
4. Energy Star rated windows
6. Walls made of pressed sunflower hulls and wheat straw
7. Reused greenhouse saved from being buried in a C&D landfill
8. Zero VOC / zero silica paint (interior)
9. Low flow instant on/off fixtures in public areas (motion sensing so kids can’t leave them on)
10. Low flow toilets
11. Non chlorinated drinking water from our own well
12. Low PVC content in building
13. No PVC content in drinking water system
14. 100% reused seating for 99 program attendees
15. 100% reused shelving from a local store that went out of business
16. Shell of building renovated – 80% reused, core 50%. (This was not new construction but a renovation)
17. Resident beaver population 2 and growing…
18. Certainly, the stream of environmental education-based programs that have been ongoing for over 6 years adds a layer of greenness as well!
19. More soon… the process continues!

Author: Calvin Burns