About Moebius Nature Center

Moebius Nature Center - Aurora Conservation Council

The Aurora Conservation Council (A.C.C.) was founded in 1991 and has been sponsoring nature programs and activities at the present location since 2000 with the support of Rotary of Aurora. A.C.C. actively promoted recycling and was instrumental in the passage of a levy that raised $6.5 million for the preservation of open space in the city, for purposes of conservation and passive recreation, and to hold development in check.

The City of Aurora purchased the 44 acre property on E. Mennonite Road, just East of Sunny Lake, in 1998 and named it the Moebius Nature Center in honor of Arthur and Ruth Moebius, long-time residents of Aurora, who donated over 40 acres of woodlands to the city and who were deeply involved in environmental conservation. Art was a founding member of A.C.C.

In 2003, A.C.C. entered into an agreement with the city to renovate the three-car garage which added bathrooms, a small kitchen, and storage and preserved the greenhouse which would otherwise be scrapped. A fund-raising campaign was begun, plans were drawn up, and the project was completed in the spring of 2006. The entire enterprise was privately funded with work done by licensed contractors using environmentally-friendly materials and meets city code. The Aurora Garden Club did much of the landscaping.

Author: Calvin Burns